photography of a woman wearing black dress
Photo by Darcy Delia on Pexels.com

She’s still the same girl, all she needed was redemption,

A savior, every kid dreams of a hero and she was no exemption,

No love and affection from home, was only a baby when her parents died,

Thought of running away but where to, foster parents promised her love but they lied.


Church the only other place she could escape to, but even some churches are suspicious,

Just magnificent buildings but devoid of God’s presence, the preaching itself is malicious,

Word is the priest has concubines in the village and a school of bastards in next, he’s the same one preaching chaste,

Spitting fire like a dragon on the pulpit but he’s tempted half the convent to sin, still the same one spreading hate.


Preach water and sip wine, but who are we to judge,

The officer selling youths firearms, same one at murder scene flashing out a badge,

The teenage boy lying in the pool of blood, with his comrades made the cop rich,

His family in the upmarket living lavish, the poor boy is headed to the cemetery with dreams he’ll never reach.


She took a road trip to the coast, for a few days just to escape her reality,

At the window staring into nothing, in a bus full of similar souls struggling to keep sanity,

Total strangers with so much in common, smiling now while a moment ago was shaking like had a fever,

Lost in a reverie, if what she’s feeling is freedom wish the trip will go on forever.


And there he was, the man who changed her life smiling from the top of the hill,

He’s extending his hand to pull her up, ready to help her heal,

Feels her plight because he been there, feeling like you all alone,

In a world with no one to get you up when you fall, all on your own.


She’s a strong girl but even the strongest need help, took his hand and trusted him,

Loved her and gave her everything she ever needed and most importantly, gave here her dream,

Gave her family, what she wanted the most,

She gave him loyalty, told her past to get lost.


Soon had something she could call her own, something that became the most important thing,

In her life and brought back that lost smile, a child and all she did was sing,

Praising the Lord for being so kind to her, yesterday had nothing and today she got everything,

A beautiful kid and a loving husband by her side, and on her slender finger is a sparkling ring.


A second chance all she needed and something to believe in, to give her reason,

To make her wake up everyday, work hard and break out of her mental prison,

And there was her hero saying I’m here for you, but you got to meet me half-way,

Pull from the other side and let’s get you out of this cage, the world is waiting should be on our way.



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