Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

A starving man in Turkana taking soda

Sometimes I wonder why any government would want to keep the fact that its own people are dying of hunger a secret! Why would a government elected by the people to protect and safeguard their interests do that?

We have glaring facts that children, women and the elderly are dying of hunger in remote villages in Turkana but the government is denying it, threatening the media and any one daring to speak of it. It has scared the main stream media and now its just reporting bullshit. But maybe it has forgotten that we have International media covering the crisis, and at the end of the day the world will still learn of the situation in that region.

We all know what the government is doing is not for the benefit of that hunger-stricken Kenyan in Turkana, but for protecting its own face from shame. The government doesn’t want to look bad in the international community. It’s always shameful admitting that your own household is dying of hunger, not if it hit you the last time and you immediately forgot the lesson it taught you.

In the year 2011 when the country was hit by the worst drought in 60 years, “Kenyans for Kenya Initiative” was unveiled on 27th July that year to raise about Ksh. 500M to save the over 3 million Kenyans that were threatened by starvation. The initiative was spearheaded by the Safaricom Foundation, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Media Owners Association (MOA), and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS). But at the end of the campaign, over Ksh. 1 billion had been raised.

Where the rest of that money went to is still a mystery! That money was supposed to ensure such tragedy never happens again. It was supposed to make sure there was no more food insecurity in Turkana, Baringo — retired president, Moi, ruled the country for 24 years comes from here, and they’re still living on Aid. Maybe it’s true we are cursed as a country — and other regions like the Tana Delta.

And years later here we are. The same cycle continues, starvation and crying for relief. I hear the Turkana county government is currently in blame game with the National government, and in the meantime, a child is getting malnourished and another is dying.

The government failed in living up to its promise of protecting the people and its now ashamed, and now guarding that humiliating fact that people are dying from pangs of hunger like a life and death secret. But if it can’t admit to its failure and incapability, how are those starving people going to get help?

The government should swallow its pride and let Kenyans and the world come in and help like we did in 2011. But make sure this time is the last time. There are people with beautiful souls who are more than willing to sacrifice the little they have to save a human life. they’ll share to the last of their possession to save a brother. Don’t deny them that. Don’t deny that Starving human that.

Right now we only depend on social media for facts, what an irony! These sad news will always trend, and we would always know about them, but unfortunately we won’t be in a position to help, except sympathize and feel pity and disgust.

If the government is applying the same viewer censorship thing it did last time in the aftermath of Dusit Attack, then its wrong because this time is different. For Dusit, it was actually necessary. We understood it was for protecting the victims’ family and friends, and for not making the perpetrators of the heinous acts emerge out as winners. And in any case, as our local media was being gagged, international media like the NYT was covering the attack in its own way. It never apologized.

No human being should die from starvation. It’s unacceptable. Not in a country where individuals are getting away with billions of public money.


5 thoughts on “Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

  1. I wasn’t aware of that issue and I’m sickened to hear about this. I feel like recently I’m finding out more afflictions that happened to the continent. Just a couple of days ago, I found out that an Apartheid South African officer confessed to spreading AIDS to South Africa and other parts in the Southern portion of the continent and now this. It’s unacceptable and something needs to be done.

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