Write anything meaningful from these words

Surmise, strictures, adamant


The majority of devout Muslims, men and women alike, have remained adamant on not speaking of sexual relations between them, or even the relation of mutual companionship, though a man might be leeringly frank about his relations with other men.

“But I made a personal surmise that morning when I gazed at the palace masjid, that Islam’s strictures against the normal expression of normal sexuality has not been able to stifle all expression of it. Look at any masjid and you’ll see each dome copied from the female human breast, it’s aroused nipple erect to the sky, and in each manaret a representation of the male organ, likewise joyously erect.

I might be mistaken in discerning those similarities, but I do not think so.

The Quran has decreed inequality between men and women. It has made indecent and unmentionable the natural relation between them, and distorted it most shamefully. But Islam’s own temples bravely declare that the prophet was wrong, and that Allah made man and woman to cleave to each other and to be of one flesh.” — Marco Polo

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