Murdered University student: hacked to death by lover

Kenya Police evidence
A police officer holding the crude weapons used to murder Ivy Wangechi

Ivy Wangechi, a sixth-year medical student at Moi University School of Medicine was brutally murdered by a man who walked over to her and hacked her to death using an axe on Tuesday morning.

According to details, Ivy had finished her ward rounds at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, and was leaving with her friends when a man emerged from nowhere, fished out a knife and struck her on the head and then hacked her with an axe.

“He was smartly dressed and the sight of the axe and knife he was holding scared most of us from approaching him. Realizing that the student was still writhing in pain, he hit her with the axe and ran towards the school of dentistry,” Said a witness.

The man who was rescued from being lynched by an irate mob by the police has since been identified as Naftali Kinuthia, 28, an alleged boyfriend to the deceased.

It’s said that Kinuthia, the man behind the killing, works for a local betting company and has been in a relationship with Ivy for sometimes, and even his mother admitted to knowing the girl but said they were no longer together.

Kinuthia is said to have come from Thika, armed with an axe and a knife. He reportedly lured her out of class, before killing her in broad daylight as people helplessly watched.

Some people have alleged that the cause of that brutal murder is that Kithuthia found out that Ivy had contracted HIV/AIDS after cheating on him and that she had been secretly taking ARV’s without telling him. Feeling betrayed and infected with the terminal illness, had opted to carry out the heinous act in revenge.

But not according to her friends and comrades who recounted how the assailant trailed Ivy Wangechi for almost a year before finally killing her in cold blood. According to an account of one of her close friend, Kinuthia had made advances towards the slain student, even promising to marry her. He wanted the student to be his girlfriend and sent her gifts, including a phone which she wanted to return.

The friend further revealed that Wangechi had showed him messages that suggested that the assailant had been stalking her for nearly a year. He however refuted rumors making rounds that the two were romantically engaged, and that she had infected him with HIV. Only that he was constantly pestering her to be his girlfriend, she declined and that’s when all hell broke loose. When the nagging and stalking persisted, Wangechi tried changing her phone number in January but the man got hold of that too.

“Wangechi showed us the messages he had been sending to her expressing his love. She told us they were schoolmates in primary school but had lost touch until last year, when they met on Facebook,” narrated the friend.

Wangechi had started her day in high spirits at the hospitals, carrying out practicals when the man discretely arrived and packed in the institution raising no suspicions. He then reportedly asked her to step out for a while before committing the act. He also allegedly waited until she died before attempting to flee.

And the poor young woman goes to the ever-growing list of love-related murders of female university students in the country, only a few months after the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno. This is an issue that needs to be urgently addressed.


5 thoughts on “Murdered University student: hacked to death by lover

  1. We just had a young lady who was at s party and got into a car that she thought was her uber and was later found dismembered in the woods. In the USA she could have had a firearm for protection but the university has rules against it and currently the law favors the university. It’s better to never have to defend yourself but sometimes there’s no choice.

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