Hurt a mosquito

black white mosquito

Go away mosquito, please go away and leave me alone,

Why do you have to be such a nuisance, can’t sleep with lights on,

Soon as I switch them off you start buzzing, I know you somewhere in the dark lurking,

Waiting for me to fall asleep so you can creep out of your hiding, on my skin sucking.


Go away mosquito, I am trying to catch some sleep here,

But ain’t easy, not with you and your irritating voice singing near,

My ears like you whining, anyway what are you saying,

Don’t understand you, all I know is for my blood you baying.


Go away mosquito, please let me sleep,

Let me rest, soon the alarm will beep,

Have a long day tomorrow, got an interview to attend,

I’m jobless, end month is here and still no house rent.


Go away mosquito, don’t make me hurt you,

You’re such a tiny creature, I’ll just crash you,

Send you out of existence with one punch, smear the walls with blood,

My blood cause I doubt if you have your own, if you have it’s ugly as cud.


Go away mosquito, I know you carry plasmodium and if you bite me I get malaria,

You’re different from your brothers in Nairobi, grew up here I know is an endemic area,

This lake region is filled with you filthy insects, other insects are involved in productive activities while you ruin lives,

Butterflies are beautiful and white ants delicious food in my community, bees pollinate crops and make honey in their hives.


Go away mosquito, you should be ashamed of yourselves,

The graves you’ve dug, how do you leave with yourselves,

Can’t you live on nectar like other insects, must it be blood,

Don’t know why God created you, you’re sadists making us sad.

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