A Letter to Nat Geo WILD

April 22, 2019


Human Resource

Dear Sir/madam,

I’m writing to humbly request for a job opportunity in your organization. But first I would like to commend you guys for the wonderful job you are doing of informing us of the world we live in, reminding us of the other wonderful creatures we share planet Earth with, through your Nat Geo WILD Programs. The beautiful birds; the flamingos in Lake Nakuru, Kenya, the fishes, the insects, the big five, the industrious ants, the breathtaking site of the wildebeest migration from Masai Mara to Serengeti and vice versa.

You make us appreciate nature; the flora and the fauna with a pugnacious obstinacy to face global warming threat Earth is faced with. Your interesting and addictive programs have accentuated our planet, leaving the likes of me more imaginative and more open to life realities and challenges, hence more accepting of all our differences as human beings and desiring to do more not just for our kind, but for animals and all other creatures as well.

I humbly request for a job opportunity with you guys in any capacity you see fit, but I’ll be more enthralled working in the field, where I get to physically interact with the wild. But I’ll be exhilarated if it can be somewhere on the African continent, maybe with Nat Geo WILD Africa. Or maybe on your Website. I may be the element your website has been missing, let me give it a fresh touch with my twisted writing skill and a heart exploding with wild African stories.

I’m aware, I may not have the necessary qualification and experience in the fields you may be willing to offer, but it’s okay to note that I’m an accomplished young Kenyan writer with a fresh eye and a learning brain. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please feel free to email me. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Lazarus Marson Okuku,



Email: madekesiworldblog@gmail.com

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