IAAF Semenya ruling discriminatory: How’s she to blame for higher testosterone levels?

Caster Semenya with her gold medal after winning the Women’s 800m final in Rio Olympics, 2016. Photo credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire.

Someone, or rather IAAF, should explain to me how Caster Semenya, the Olympic 800 meters champion, is to blame for having higher testosterone levels. Isn’t that discrimination of the highest order!

I think it’s totally unfair, like Semenya herself rightly put it after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) this week dismissed her appeal to set aside the regulations. It’s ridiculous, unfair and humiliating, not just to the athlete, but to her family, her friends and to her fans as well.

Can you believe what IAAF is now asking of people like Semenya, in order for them to participate in competitions! That they should take medication — isn’t that like doping, which they’ve been against in recent years. They should take oral contraceptives that will allow them to reach the required level.

What sort of madness is this? Can’t they just accept her for who she is. It is not like she will run for ever, will she? Even the super fast Usain Bolt at long last retired. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that we are not equal, some people are special, if I have to use the word.

The whites, for a long time have always worshiped heroes and heroines, “geniuses”, and other groups that are not like the normal person, and these people have always competed with other people in different fields and professions, and we’ve never heard someone deciding that these people should be separated or something done about their gifts before they can be allowed to compete with “normal folks”. How is the Semenya case different? Is it because she’s African?

Or maybe women aren’t allowed to have “super humans”. Or maybe it’s the women themselves who complained, who knows.

But that aside, should these, then be applied in all other sports; basketball; ask LeBron James to do something about his strength and talent, or KD, or Curry; should we have asked Usain Bolt to do something about his speed since he always outrun his opponents in like every other race he participated in, and didn’t we just love him that way; should we ask Eliud Kipchoge, my fellow countryman, to start taking prescriptions since he’s always winning marathons? And should we ask the same of Messi and Ronaldo?

I am pissed. I am very angry at the IAAF. I am angry at everyone who is looking at this whole Caster Semenya issue, grinning like a green ghecko as i it’s a win. I am angry at my fellow Africans and the world at large, who are just going on with business as usual like this doesn’t concern them.

The World Medical Association (WMA), which represents physicians from 114 national member associations, said there was “weak evidence” that the regulations were necessary and that they should be scrapped. WMA also called on its members not to implement new International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) regulations that restrict testosterone levels in female athletes with differences in sexual development.

“We have strong reservations about the ethical validity of these regulations. They are based on weak evidence from a single study, which is currently being widely debated by the scientific community.

They are also contrary to a number of key WMA ethical statements and declarations, and as such we are calling for their immediate withdrawal.” WMA President Dr. Leonid Eidelman said in a statement on the organisation’s website here


4 thoughts on “IAAF Semenya ruling discriminatory: How’s she to blame for higher testosterone levels?

  1. I completely agree that this is an outrageous discrimination of the highest order against Semaya, and ultimately all athletes, thinkers, and gifted persons. She should not have to take a known harmful pharmaceutical product to alter her natural biochemistry. That’s like asking Einstein, “Hey, can you take these Dummy Pills so I can keep up with you?” It’s an insult to everyone. It’s against the very heart and soul of the Olympic creed to discriminate against Semaya this way, not to mention a terrible showing of the supposed “reasoning” (higher-order thinking, it is NOT) of the Olympic council. They had better reverse this ruling or I will be looking for a boycott of the Olympics…

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  2. I apologize for my auto-correct’s misspelling of Semenya’s name in my previous comment. Please accept this apology and take the spirit of the comment for what it is. Auto-correct can kiss my, well, you know… [shrug]

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