You lost your pencil again, have mine,

You’re my friend, mama said good to share,

With others, careful with that line,

The teacher will scold you, that I can’t bear.


That was long long time ago, before we grew up,

Became conscious of dreams, started following them,

You went to study in the city, left between us was a gap,

Wide apart; Earth-Pluto, and for years the same.


In this hostile streets dream-chasing,

Born not to make it but believe I will,

Aware of my roots, poverty threat I’m facing,

Can do it, mama says I can make world heal.


One article after another, honest words first step,

Don’t shy away from telling truth, you’ll be free always,

Many enemies, but many more friends ready to ape,

Light a candle, not only in requiem mass; there other ways.


Barefooted and tattered clothes, face creased,

Age catching up, but has always been the motivation,

Says I need a girl, a new drive after she’s deceased,

Tell her have someone in mind, she’s still an inspiration.


Love can be cunning, sometimes childhood love refuse to die,

After all these years still have you tucked somewhere in my heart,

Hoped the 1-nightstand was enough to rekindle, but feelings lie,

Sex only killed the lust, didn’t fill the void and now we’re hurt.


Still fighting though, reaching out but your fingers slipping through my grip,

Helplessly watching as you drawn, your beautiful face still glowing,

The only star in a dark sky, down in Mariana Trench I’ll sink with you deep,

Write our fantasies in the afterlife, maybe even the dead dream living.


Look what time has ruined, something so beautiful and so pure,

Wish I could take back time, what’s the essence,

The world is doomed; me and you, together we were the cure,

Farewell my love, let me dwell in reminiscence.

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