Huduma Number: government should tell us the truth

Kenyans queuing to beat the Huduma Number registration deadline

Even as the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i insists on the government not extending the deadline for the Huduma Number mass registration exercise which concludes on Saturday, May 18, I think they owe Kenyans the real truth behind it. What’s so special about this “Unique Number” that the ordinary ID number can’t do?

And above all, why the hurry and the deadlines if it’s that important? Why can’t it be acquired in the same manner and process as the Ordinary IDs which is equally important? Why the threats; threatening Kenyans that they won’t be able to receive any government services without it, alleged switching off of sim cards for those who would not have registered by 18th of this month.

Is there something the government is not telling us? All we’ve heard is how it’s going to benefit us, the easy acquiring of things like passports, bluh bluh… What about how the going to benefit the real initiators of the whole thing?

Is it a scam, maybe? Like the SGR, NYS, Galana kulalu irrigation scheme, and the Dams scam. We both know the country we live in, people just come up with random things that solely benefit them and their cronies. What if this Huduma Number — National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS)  — is one of those things? This, at the end of the day, after the extraordinarily long queues at the various registration centers across the country in an effort to beat the deadline might just turn out to be a waste of valuable time.

As you can see, I have many unanswered questions concerning this whole issue, and many blame the government for doing very little to educate the public on the Huduma Namba first before commencing with the registration exercise. Most people have registered merely out of fear for the repercussions that might come for failure to do so. You don’t know what is it you are registration for, but you still queuing for a whole day in the scorching sun and rain to register nevertheless. What you don’t understand scares, right?

People are concerned, and people like Fred Matiang’i, who ought to be addressing this concerns are the same ones busy sending out threats. Have they even enacted a bill to take care of the Privacy Concerns? No, they haven’t! They plan to do that after registration, so I hear. So all these data on us they’ve collected we have no way of knowing how safe it is.

What a country!



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