Man eat man



This world, is it the same one,

God had in mind during creation,

Or that time is here, to judge man,

Living in the last days, REVELATION.


Flick through the TV channels, see the world news,

Confrontations and demonstrations, total mayhem,

So much hatred; against Christians, Muslims, Jews,

Terrorism; blood-flow; killing of innocents, no shame.


It’s a rotten society, men with beautiful faces but evil hearts,

Man eat man society, worse than the Tsavo Man-eaters,

Who bankrolls terrorists, benefits from their heinous acts that hurts,

Wounds and kills others, talking the real perpetrators.


Where’s the love, why do you have everything while your neighbor has none,

Why are you throwing away food while your neighbor is going to bed hungry,

No trespassing through my land whatever the reason, ignore the sign and see gun,

What happened to life being sacred, unnecessary deaths coz everyone’s so angry.


Followed your heart now you stuck up in a room with a monster,

Have to practice infront of the mirror how to smile when sad,

Had a beautiful soul now just darkness, brewing something sinister,

Prepare his favorite meal with poison, let him know you mad.


Served it just like he likes, steaming hot,

But his friends showed up just in time,

You are too scared to take away the pot,

Innocent people die, now you’ve committed a crime.


Love God but church has failed us,

Part of the rot, just lofty buildings with decorated altars,

That is Cain’s sacrifice, let it pass,

Another raised dead man, but we both know they’re actors.


Each man for himself, that’s the current world; the one we living in,

Don’t touch what’s mine, but your stepson is sleeping with your wife,

Taboo is only in your head, do all those wives make King Mswati mean,

Should we revisit the oracle or let it pass, bury our heads and nod to life.



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