Coming to birth: True story


You remember my sister, right? The one I used to write to you guys about, and her pregnancy ordeal, and her gruesome miscarriage sometimes last year.

Guess what? She conceived again, and she’s almost coming to birth. She’s in the last stage of her pregnancy, and very strong and exhilarated. This time around she ain’t bedridden, and equally no bleeding and discomfort she experienced last time. Last time, it took her tremendous efforts just to smile — something she does naturally. She still does light house chores and frequently visits her shop, to go and gossip with her friends, laugh with customers and joke with kids.

But it has not been all rosy, if you take all those medications — used to think pregnant women aren’t allowed to take any drugs — she has to take, and the expensive trips to see her doctor in her fragile state. It has not been a walk in the park, I admit. And the hidden fear behind that smiling face that the future is not guaranteed.

But here we are, and she’s been strong, so strong and determined. And the good Lord has been gracious. I read somewhere that God favors the strong. Maybe God’s time is here. Maybe my beloved sister’s time to carry a child of her own womb like the Biblical Sarah or Hannah, is finally here. Glory be to God.

I can’t wait to see the look of the befuddled security guards at her hospital at the influx of visitors in her room like last time. Last time it was crazy, the guards were stressed to the core. At a time they had to reckon to applying force just to get rid of some people who chose to linger on past visit hours. Sometimes they did so to her visitors — family and relatives, friends, customers, acquaintances, mutual friends — so as to let her rest or take meals and medication, and have a moment with her doctor.

What with some hiding in the lavatory! I remember Nancy, my cousin, hiding under the bed to spend the night with her, and she got her way. She snuggled to my sister the whole night. The nurses couldn’t stop asking who my sister was, they had never seen her on TV or anywhere for that matter.

Sometimes I envy her. How can one common person be liked by so many people? And I wish you saw the many others back at home in the countryside. It even gets hard for mom to have her around during mealtime.

The experience has of course taught me a lot. Foremost, it has taught me to respect and value women, all women — mothers or not. Never judge any woman, you don’t know what they endured just to get that child, or for not having a child at all. Pregnancy, for some is a matter of life and death. Be kind to women, and the society should not be too harsh on the barren.

For those women still longing, and trying to get a child, never ever give up. God’s time is coming. You are going to have a child.


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