My Child

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My child, my unborn child,

My unconceived child, the apple of my eye,

I welcome you into the world,

A little nervous, but my spirits high.


Child I know the world you coming into, it’s cold,

No place for a child, rich or poor,

Had progress, not enough to keepyou safe far from my hold,

Wish threat was still a charging boar.


Your mama and I will always look after you,

Do our best to make sure you grow up right,

You grow up straight, remember to respect you,

 Nothing comes for free, for what you want fight.


When you find yourself alone, to God pray,

On the road watch for that reckless driver, can’t have you in the statistics,

It would break mama’s heart, on God’s path I’d stray,

I’ll instill fear of God in your heart, teach you devil’s ways and tactics.


My dear child, maybe you will be a wild one,

A wilding, or maybe a quiet one like your dear papa,

Matters not, always find your way home after all the fun,

No matter how vile, to the world smile and always look dapper.


Life can be cruel, at you it might throw stones,

Pick them stones and build a wall,

Or stepon them out of that hole, their faces when your horns,

Appear; lesson, resilience when you fall.


Have many friends, shun the ones who lead you astray,

You’ll make many mistakes but the lessons, never forget,

Few will truly love you and their trust, never betray,

Love back, to your enemies don’t return the hate.


My child, you’ll always have a special place in my heart,

No matter how old you grow, you’ll always fit in my embrace,

Never piss on your roots, your ancestors will be hurt,

And judge people for their actions; never on religion, tribe or race.


to be continued


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