Everything under the sun is a story. Every situation, every event, and every occurrence that takes place in our life is a story. And with every story comes an opportunity to learn and be a better people.

Hi. I’m Lazarus Marson Okuku, alias (Madekesi), born and raised in Nambale, Busia County, Western Kenya. Currently I’m residing in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Madekesiworld is a blog I started specifically for sharing my stories, my day to day experiences in Kenya, the challenges of living in the streets of Nairobi and striving to come out successful. I also talk about the current political and any other issues making headlines in not just our country, but the world at large.

I come from a very large family in a diverse country with its many tribes. Recently we saw the Asian Community being added as the forty-fourth tribe, just a year after the addition of the Amakonde people. All these, coupled with my troubled childhood, being raised by a single parent ( Ugandan mother), make up what I call, Madekesiworld.

The name itself, from my late grandpa. So it’s Madekesi’s world, which is mine too and yours as well. I know it’s all complicated but don’t worry. Hahaha…

We all have stories; some beautiful, some ugly, but at the end of the day we can all learn from them. I write stories we all relate to. Some are personal but I still share them nevertheless because at the end of the day, someone somewhere will be touched, will learn, will be inspired and another will be motivated to be a better person. We are all humans, living in a global community, and if our stories can make us better people, that will be worth something. That’s my goal. And that’s Madekesiworld.

And don’t forget to read my twisted poems! They contain stuff from my world I’ve no proper words for.


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