200 Years Ago

  23:23 hours, I pass this young man, In a dimly-lit street on my way home, Selling sugarcane, trying to earn, Wheelbarrow half-empty, should go home.   I move on, my head in another world, Unlived dreams haunting, broken promises, Mama says, start a family before you bald, Empty bed awaits, Valentines spent nothing on … Continue reading 200 Years Ago

Kenya Music Industry: Jua Cali only OG

In Kenya, when you mention "OG", the first thing that comes to mind for most people is Khaligraph Jones. The word OG has become synonymous with the rapper. Most people, including a close friend of mine think that's his name. One day while talking about the TV series "Power", I referred to 50 Cent (Curtis … Continue reading Kenya Music Industry: Jua Cali only OG

Ocean and Land relationship: War looming

Today as the world marks World Oceans Day, I found myself musing over the kind of relationship the world Oceans must have with Land. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized it must really be porous. When I thought of water pollution and all the water "unfriendly" materials; the plastics and … Continue reading Ocean and Land relationship: War looming

Kenya New Currency: Is Kenyatta’s statue a portrait?

Kenyans are divided on whether the first president, mzee Jomo Kenyatta's statue on the new notes is a portrait or not, and whether it should be completely phased out like the Constitution demands in Section 231 (4) that bans the portraits of individuals. The new notes were officially unveiled during the Madaraka Celebration in Narok … Continue reading Kenya New Currency: Is Kenyatta’s statue a portrait?

Second Colonization of Africa

They came bearing the Bible, a strange new faith we knew nothing of. They came with a new way of learning that perplexed our people, a completely different system from ours that actually added very little to what we already knew. They came with this interesting way of healing ailments that awed even our own … Continue reading Second Colonization of Africa