Second Colonization of Africa

They came bearing the Bible, a strange new faith we knew nothing of. They came with a new way of learning that perplexed our people, a completely different system from ours that actually added very little to what we already knew. They came with this interesting way of healing ailments that awed even our own … Continue reading Second Colonization of Africa

Grave Thoughts

Death, how I dreaded death as a kid, Now I find solace in thoughts of the grave, Fed it well now it has sprouted, evil seed, Thoughts of self-harm in my head, I'm a slave.   I bear no shackles, live under no incarceration, Yet I see no sunshine, my soul engulfed in darkness, Had … Continue reading Grave Thoughts

Coming to birth: True story

You remember my sister, right? The one I used to write to you guys about, and her pregnancy ordeal, and her gruesome miscarriage sometimes last year. Guess what? She conceived again, and she's almost coming to birth. She's in the last stage of her pregnancy, and very strong and exhilarated. This time around she ain't … Continue reading Coming to birth: True story

Theresa May Resignation: Lesson for African leaders

I still dream of a day an African leader will voluntarily step down for failing to live up to his or her promise to the electorate, to the people. I dream of a day an African leader will resign for failing to to keep their promise to the people in their manifestos. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading Theresa May Resignation: Lesson for African leaders