200 Years Ago

  23:23 hours, I pass this young man, In a dimly-lit street on my way home, Selling sugarcane, trying to earn, Wheelbarrow half-empty, should go home.   I move on, my head in another world, Unlived dreams haunting, broken promises, Mama says, start a family before you bald, Empty bed awaits, Valentines spent nothing on … Continue reading 200 Years Ago

Ocean and Land relationship: War looming

Today as the world marks World Oceans Day, I found myself musing over the kind of relationship the world Oceans must have with Land. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized it must really be porous. When I thought of water pollution and all the water "unfriendly" materials; the plastics and … Continue reading Ocean and Land relationship: War looming

Grave Thoughts

Death, how I dreaded death as a kid, Now I find solace in thoughts of the grave, Fed it well now it has sprouted, evil seed, Thoughts of self-harm in my head, I'm a slave.   I bear no shackles, live under no incarceration, Yet I see no sunshine, my soul engulfed in darkness, Had … Continue reading Grave Thoughts

Man eat man

  This world, is it the same one, God had in mind during creation, Or that time is here, to judge man, Living in the last days, REVELATION.   Flick through the TV channels, see the world news, Confrontations and demonstrations, total mayhem, So much hatred; against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Terrorism; blood-flow; killing of innocents, … Continue reading Man eat man


You lost your pencil again, have mine, You're my friend, mama said good to share, With others, careful with that line, The teacher will scold you, that I can't bear.   That was long long time ago, before we grew up, Became conscious of dreams, started following them, You went to study in the city, … Continue reading Farewell