North star

You're the one, my alpha and omega Girl you're my north star, my bearing You make me a better man, without you I'm lost A blind man on unfamiliar path, can't get home Never thought something like this could happen to me, never thought I could have what we have You're too perfect for me, … Continue reading North star

Man-made beauty in Pipeline, Nairobi

Sometimes beautiful things are born from the worst of things, and from the most unexpected places. Who would’ve thought that such a beautiful scenery would be found at such a place, in the middle of dumsite! It's in the late afternoon and I’m leisurely walking on this recently tarmacked road from the Quarry stage along … Continue reading Man-made beauty in Pipeline, Nairobi

How do you build a company like Google?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a company such as Google? I have. Of course that's what I do most of the time in my day-dreams, when I'm building castles in the air like Abunuwasi in the Abunuwasi Swahili tale back in day. I imagine a lot, and sometimes I think till … Continue reading How do you build a company like Google?


Can't even look at me twice, always looking down on me, The ladies and some of the boys, say can't be friends with me, They say I'm ugly, some say I'm broke and can't date a broke guy, They treat me like I'm retarded, treat me like I'm this broken guy.   My self-esteem, that's … Continue reading Selfish