Violinist Love

The whole theater is quiet, just the singing tone from the beautifully varnished fiddle  Everyone is in a zombielike state, maybe the violin suffocated them Or the beauty of the violinist took their breath away, just like it took mine She's the only one I'm looking at, the only one I'm listening to From the beautiful dark … Continue reading Violinist Love

Relationships Inspire Art

Listen to their music, the great musicians The power in their flow, the truth in their lyrics The connection with the audience, for a moment everyone in the frenzy Singing along, they all become part of the song.   Watch a great piece of art, watch with your inner eye Touch and feel the strokes … Continue reading Relationships Inspire Art

Painting on the wall

First date and on his wall, she saw something that caught her eye Left her flabbergasted A painting of her, in a blue dress Seated on the bench in the city park Staring at a pond full of bloomed water-lilies She remembers Was on a Sunday and it was a beautiful day, just wanted to … Continue reading Painting on the wall