No beautiful girls

Maybe it's true, the beautiful ones are yet to be born, Maybe it's not true, they were born and now they're gone, Snatched before I was of age, before I was ripe, Mature for women, before I started wondering about my girl type.   Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, don't understand what … Continue reading No beautiful girls

Write anything meaningful from these words

Are little worth remarking, When she stands upright, With her legs pressed together, *** If we say of a woman only that "she has nicely arched eyebrows," then clearly we had to look hard to see that, and the rest of her features are little worth remarking. But I've read somewhere how to recognize a … Continue reading Write anything meaningful from these words

Her body scent

I don't know if it's just a cologne, or her body scent But I swear, that scent is the first thing I noticed about her Even before I met her eyes, before I even noticed that wan shy smile she wore on her beautiful lips Rose petals, dangerously red The fragrance that made me benign … Continue reading Her body scent

The human face

Earlier today I was reading the adventures of Marco Polo -- a man I admire, still don't know why. And I'm sure it's not solely because of his adventures, and travels or because of his entrepreneurial mind -- in The Journeyer, by Gary Jennings. Then I stumbled upon his wildest assertion concerning the human face … Continue reading The human face

Small breasts (wasn’t enough)

Is it really worth it? Do you have to go through a breast augmentation surgery? Last week we heard very disturbing news here in Nairobi, where a beautiful mother of three lost her life trying to get big boobs. June Wanza Mulupi, a Nairobi-based food blogger, decided to enlarge her breasts at a clinic in … Continue reading Small breasts (wasn’t enough)