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I've been telling you guys about this special delicacy in my community: chiswa, prepared from white ants, and here it is -- photo. This particular ones are captured at night on an anthill, unlike the other white ants which are captured during daytime, and from anywhere not necessarily on an anthill.

This Highschool       

As you journey down the border, To call on Busia and its grandeur, or even go beyond, Into Uganda where you take a soda, And a plateful of matoke in a café with mongrels on the front.   Just waking up, eyes smarting from lack of sleep, Languid and lackadaisical ‘cause it has been a … Continue reading This Highschool       


It's six on a Saturday morning, the weather so chilly and the sun is yet to rise, Bend in the freezing cold water of R. Sio, is a well-built young man with sad face, He's industriously scooping sand from the riverbed and spewing it the riverbank, his tattered old shirt already drenched in sweat, Sand-harvesting … Continue reading Cheku

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A bokho bokho (local name) banana photo back home. The banana when mature, is ripened and then boiled without peeling first. Of course there are other ways of preparing it, but the one I've described is the most popular.