My Child

  My child, my unborn child, My unconceived child, the apple of my eye, I welcome you into the world, A little nervous, but my spirits high.   Child I know the world you coming into, it's cold, No place for a child, rich or poor, Had progress, not enough to keepyou safe far from … Continue reading My Child

Coming to birth: True story

You remember my sister, right? The one I used to write to you guys about, and her pregnancy ordeal, and her gruesome miscarriage sometimes last year. Guess what? She conceived again, and she's almost coming to birth. She's in the last stage of her pregnancy, and very strong and exhilarated. This time around she ain't … Continue reading Coming to birth: True story

Becoming a born again Christian

What is the legal age for one to become a born again Christian? I really want to know. Once upon a time I was a born-again Christian. And sometimes this tiny piece of my life eludes my mind. I don’t know why, but it does. Maybe because I live in the city, far away from … Continue reading Becoming a born again Christian

How do you kill your own child?

This is one of those moments when words fail me, words to describe this world we live in Full of atrocious people, no longer need to wait for nightfall to perpetrate evil Can't hold them tears, now it's messing up this beautiful notebook My hand is involuntarily shaking, can't hold the pen Emotions are high, … Continue reading How do you kill your own child?

Mother’s Sacrifice

She was always stubborn, or maybe it was bravery People say it was desperation, wanted a child so much to save her from barrenness shame She wanted to feel easy at her friends' baby showers, wanted to be called so and so's mother too Some say she was scared, was scared her husband would leave … Continue reading Mother’s Sacrifice