University of Nairobi student leader murdered

A former student leader at The University of Nairobi (UoN), Ragira Samuel aka OCS, was yesterday killed by goons believed to be police or have close links with Police, rumoured to be Mungiki. He was shot dead on Thursday evening after a fracas between the UoN students and gangs who have been harassing small-scale traders … Continue reading University of Nairobi student leader murdered

Write anything meaningful from these words

Copiously, ghastly stench, indignity *** For in dying, grandpa copiously evacuated both his bladder and his bowels, befouling his garments and the blankets and filling the room with a ghastly stench. A disgusting indignity is not what any person would wish to be last remembered for.


Photo by mwangi gatheca on Unsplash   I'm a walking dead, a zombie from the underworld, Passing through life, but I've seen the other world, Poverty and depression, already read a couple of suicide notes, From young age witness to heartbreak, some of jealousy in grave rots.   Always on my knees, mama said always remember to talk … Continue reading Lifeless

Relevant in the grave

Five-piece suit, Emporio Armani All black, the suit he was buried in Funny he spend most of his life in secondhand clothes, couldn't afford fancy stuff The obsequy was of such splendid pomp and thronged attendance and citywide mourning, a stranger would've confused it for a state funeral Dozens of bulls butchered, plenty of rice … Continue reading Relevant in the grave