Write anything meaningful from these words

Languor, pirouetted, warty *** In my dreamy languor, I saw the face of my crush, but when she pirouetted into a room and I followed through the only door and caught her there, her face got old and warty and sprouted a red-gray beard like a fungus. I woke up screaming like a lunatic.

Money, dreams and nightmares

  Were we always this selfish as humans, or is it because of money, Maybe we should blame nature, but why haven't the bees diluted honey, The apple tree produce mangoes, chasing what we can't have, Who should we blame for what we've become, is it the one above.   Was getting attracted to those … Continue reading Money, dreams and nightmares

Left to die

Just walked away from all of it but, Sometimes I look back, though with a scary quick glance Afraid I might end up like Lot's wife, a pillar of salt It's only when I'm reminiscing, when I'm lost in a reverie Pleasant memories of my childhood back in Busia, good old days Living without care, … Continue reading Left to die