Different worlds Photo (20)

Don't salivate by the attractiveness of this dish, looks can be deceiving sometimes, as I later found out. But if you grew up in a home where you had limited privileges on what to and not to call food, then you can eat anything, even maggots and even those slimy snails like some people --my … Continue reading Different worlds Photo (20)

Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

Sometimes I wonder why any government would want to keep the fact that its own people are dying of hunger a secret! Why would a government elected by the people to protect and safeguard their interests do that? We have glaring facts that children, women and the elderly are dying of hunger in remote villages … Continue reading Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

Different Worlds Photo (11)

  You see nyama choma delicacy, accompanied with ugali, just know you are in Kenya. And this festive season, will be in plenty in every corner of the country you turn, from Nairobi to Mombasa and Kisumu and in towns and villages as well.   (Photo; courtesy)