She’s still the same girl, all she needed was redemption, A savior, every kid dreams of a hero and she was no exemption, No love and affection from home, was only a baby when her parents died, Thought of running away but where to, foster parents promised her love but they lied.   Church the … Continue reading HER HERO

No beautiful girls

Maybe it's true, the beautiful ones are yet to be born, Maybe it's not true, they were born and now they're gone, Snatched before I was of age, before I was ripe, Mature for women, before I started wondering about my girl type.   Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, don't understand what … Continue reading No beautiful girls

How I feel, girl

I know what I feel inside, at the mention of you, Sudden thudding in my chest, that's my heart crying for you, It just feels right, even though I barely know you, I called it lunch and you laughed, but I just wanted to know you, To look in your eyes and tell you, girl … Continue reading How I feel, girl

She ain’t your girl

Maybe she even talks about me, in her dreams Beside you, in your own bed at night If she's loudly laughing, might be my jokes Console yourself she won't remember any of it in the morning, but how can she forget such lucid dreams Maybe you're wrong, she remembers and during the day it's worse … Continue reading She ain’t your girl

The Girl of Last Year

Wanted her to call back or maybe leave a message, her silence frightening, Scared of lightning when it rains, but this scares more than lightning, Her voice as she laugh in my head too loud, can’t sleep through the night, It’s when the memories come flooding, her face the only one in sight.   I’m … Continue reading The Girl of Last Year