Two years blogging (Madekesiworld)

How time flies! I still can't believe it's two years already. Today I celebrate two years of blogging. On 21st February 2017, I started the challenging process of building this little getaway home of mine. Now looking back, I think what I told you guys about "just looking for a place to vent" wasn't entirely … Continue reading Two years blogging (Madekesiworld)

One life to live

She said, sometimes just live Go out and have fun, life is way too short I know you're a writer, writers act like they were wired to stay indoors Introverts, observing the world with their hearts in the safety of their huts But you can still write on the way, on your way to paradise … Continue reading One life to live

Make a mistake

I want to make a mistake, another Just like back in the day, when I was a kid Destroying the old lady's unripe pawpaws, provoking her for fun God forgive me, the poor woman didn't deserve that But the results always left me inspired, made me dream more Need to be unruly again, that's how … Continue reading Make a mistake

Two strongest women in the world

I know them pretty well. I know them like the back of my own hand. You wouldn't believe what they've gone through to be where they're today. The first woman in this well thought list is the woman who gave birth to me, mama. The second woman is non other than my sister-in-law, my elder … Continue reading Two strongest women in the world