Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) menace

Don't marry a circumcised woman, young men are urged by the elders in the community, The ones who have seen the light, realized FGM is one of the chains on our black ankles, A tactical move to dissuade potential suitors from picking only circumcised girls for brides, unnecessary pressure on the uncircumcised girl and her … Continue reading Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) menace

“Dawa ya Maasai” kills four in Nairobi

It was late in the evening, a day before the media reported it when I heard of the sad story. It was actually from one of the victims close relatives, a girl friend of mine who told me of what had happened to her step-dad's brother and six others while felling down trees somewhere in … Continue reading “Dawa ya Maasai” kills four in Nairobi

Different Worlds Photo (4)

Photo of a Maasai man peddling traditional medicines in the streets of Nairobi. Ask him what his medicines cure and he will tell you, all diseases. Never tried the allegedly bitter tasting concoction, made by mixing different herbs myself but I know people who have. First shared the photo, "the hustling maasai" on my Instagram … Continue reading Different Worlds Photo (4)