Coming to birth: True story

You remember my sister, right? The one I used to write to you guys about, and her pregnancy ordeal, and her gruesome miscarriage sometimes last year. Guess what? She conceived again, and she's almost coming to birth. She's in the last stage of her pregnancy, and very strong and exhilarated. This time around she ain't … Continue reading Coming to birth: True story

Christmas Dress

I miss mama, haven't seen her in ages She's growing older, strands of grey hair stealthily creeping into her beautiful black hair Only a matter of time before it finally conquers her head, then we start treating her like fragile glass How I loathe that, wanted her to be young forever I've told you before, … Continue reading Christmas Dress

Two strongest women in the world

I know them pretty well. I know them like the back of my own hand. You wouldn't believe what they've gone through to be where they're today. The first woman in this well thought list is the woman who gave birth to me, mama. The second woman is non other than my sister-in-law, my elder … Continue reading Two strongest women in the world

Early Manipulation of Boy Child

Is it true that mothers and nursemaids, someIn order to put a restless baby boy to sleepDid an act of masturbation on his tiny thingWith her finger and thumbAs the woman stroked, the baby quiveredThen smiled,Then squirmed voluptuouslyNo ejaculation of course but,Enjoyed a climax of releaseAfter he shrank to his littlest, he lay quiet and … Continue reading Early Manipulation of Boy Child