Corruption in Kenya: Ways youth can fight it

Kenya, like most countries around the globe, the majority of its population is the youth. The youth are people who are still fresh, rejuvenated with a lot of energy that when harnessed in the right way can spur and bring about lots of change in society. Unfortunately, most youths in my country have not done enough … Continue reading Corruption in Kenya: Ways youth can fight it

Lucid Dreams: My favorite song

"Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)" lyrics No, no, I still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love that I gave you It's to the point where I love and I hate you And I cannot change you so I must replace you (oh) Easier said than done I thought you were … Continue reading Lucid Dreams: My favorite song

Violinist Love

The whole theater is quiet, just the singing tone from the beautifully varnished fiddle  Everyone is in a zombielike state, maybe the violin suffocated them Or the beauty of the violinist took their breath away, just like it took mine She's the only one I'm looking at, the only one I'm listening to From the beautiful dark … Continue reading Violinist Love

What Kenyan musicians should do to earn our loyalty

If you are an artist, never forget the fact that before you earn that royalty, you need the fans loyalty. I love music, and I think what it does to the soul and a stressed mind is magical. Sometimes after you’ve had a bad day, all you want to do is sit down and just … Continue reading What Kenyan musicians should do to earn our loyalty

Relationships Inspire Art

Listen to their music, the great musicians The power in their flow, the truth in their lyrics The connection with the audience, for a moment everyone in the frenzy Singing along, they all become part of the song.   Watch a great piece of art, watch with your inner eye Touch and feel the strokes … Continue reading Relationships Inspire Art