Man-made beauty in Pipeline, Nairobi

Sometimes beautiful things are born from the worst of things, and from the most unexpected places. Who would’ve thought that such a beautiful scenery would be found at such a place, in the middle of dumsite! It's in the late afternoon and I’m leisurely walking on this recently tarmacked road from the Quarry stage along … Continue reading Man-made beauty in Pipeline, Nairobi

“Dawa ya Maasai” kills four in Nairobi

It was late in the evening, a day before the media reported it when I heard of the sad story. It was actually from one of the victims close relatives, a girl friend of mine who told me of what had happened to her step-dad's brother and six others while felling down trees somewhere in … Continue reading “Dawa ya Maasai” kills four in Nairobi

The other side of Nairobi

Nairobi is a beautiful, and one of the fast-growing cities in Africa. But do you know what's behind this rapid development? It's not the Chinese, or the Americans. It's the little efforts of the hard-working Nairobians. Small businesses; shops, stores and those stalls of mama mboga's. Check this video on my you tube channel, Madekesiworld … Continue reading The other side of Nairobi

Different Worlds Photo (14)

Some people can be very hard to forget. You think you're done with all that, open a new chapter and there they are, on the first page. They become this sweet nightmare in our lives. Just hope she's doing okay. Honestly. #Secretsofgooglephotos *Wanna see the other side of Nairobi? Click here.*


It is a beautiful day. The sky above is clear blue with only a few scattered cirrus clouds. The afternoon air is a little bit dry, but that’s only normal in January in Nairobi. The marabou stork birds peacefully perched on the acacias along the Mombasa road, some of them are just standing beside the … Continue reading KENYA WAR ON AL SHABAAB