Ocean and Land relationship: War looming

Today as the world marks World Oceans Day, I found myself musing over the kind of relationship the world Oceans must have with Land. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized it must really be porous. When I thought of water pollution and all the water "unfriendly" materials; the plastics and … Continue reading Ocean and Land relationship: War looming

Grave Thoughts

Death, how I dreaded death as a kid, Now I find solace in thoughts of the grave, Fed it well now it has sprouted, evil seed, Thoughts of self-harm in my head, I'm a slave.   I bear no shackles, live under no incarceration, Yet I see no sunshine, my soul engulfed in darkness, Had … Continue reading Grave Thoughts

Different Worlds Photo (22)

I've been telling you guys about this special delicacy in my community: chiswa, prepared from white ants, and here it is -- photo. This particular ones are captured at night on an anthill, unlike the other white ants which are captured during daytime, and from anywhere not necessarily on an anthill.

A Letter to Nat Geo WILD

April 22, 2019 Director, Human Resource National Geographic Headquarters 1145 17th Street NW Washington, D.C. 20036 Dear Sir/madam, I'm writing to humbly request for a job opportunity in your organization. But first I would like to commend you guys for the wonderful job you are doing of informing us of the world we live in, … Continue reading A Letter to Nat Geo WILD

Hurt a mosquito

Go away mosquito, please go away and leave me alone, Why do you have to be such a nuisance, can't sleep with lights on, Soon as I switch them off you start buzzing, I know you somewhere in the dark lurking, Waiting for me to fall asleep so you can creep out of your hiding, … Continue reading Hurt a mosquito