My Child

  My child, my unborn child, My unconceived child, the apple of my eye, I welcome you into the world, A little nervous, but my spirits high.   Child I know the world you coming into, it's cold, No place for a child, rich or poor, Had progress, not enough to keepyou safe far from … Continue reading My Child

Christmas Dress

I miss mama, haven't seen her in ages She's growing older, strands of grey hair stealthily creeping into her beautiful black hair Only a matter of time before it finally conquers her head, then we start treating her like fragile glass How I loathe that, wanted her to be young forever I've told you before, … Continue reading Christmas Dress

How do you kill your own child?

This is one of those moments when words fail me, words to describe this world we live in Full of atrocious people, no longer need to wait for nightfall to perpetrate evil Can't hold them tears, now it's messing up this beautiful notebook My hand is involuntarily shaking, can't hold the pen Emotions are high, … Continue reading How do you kill your own child?

Selfish Mothers

She is not even sure who she is anymore, more so in regard to religion, and in other aspects of her life. Her life is so messed up and twisted that she's not even sure how to go about untwisting it. Still goes to the mosque, occasionally, and only on Fridays, but not with the … Continue reading Selfish Mothers