Man eat man

  This world, is it the same one, God had in mind during creation, Or that time is here, to judge man, Living in the last days, REVELATION.   Flick through the TV channels, see the world news, Confrontations and demonstrations, total mayhem, So much hatred; against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Terrorism; blood-flow; killing of innocents, … Continue reading Man eat man

African Culture: Time to drop off the negative and irrelevant

Recently I read Blossoms of the Savannah, a novel by H. R. Ole Kulet, where he addresses the elusive concerns of female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages among the Maa community of the Massaiand and I couldn't help concurring with him on a number of issues, especially where he says culture is dynamic and not … Continue reading African Culture: Time to drop off the negative and irrelevant

Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

Sometimes I wonder why any government would want to keep the fact that its own people are dying of hunger a secret! Why would a government elected by the people to protect and safeguard their interests do that? We have glaring facts that children, women and the elderly are dying of hunger in remote villages … Continue reading Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?


Africa should be the world's zoo, what he said and I thought he was even worse than the animals in his white zoo, Freedom in mind with fully developed wings but like an ostrich still can't fly, the donor has the key and soon nations will play second fiddle to cooperations, Rich soil on top … Continue reading AFRICA