Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

Sometimes I wonder why any government would want to keep the fact that its own people are dying of hunger a secret! Why would a government elected by the people to protect and safeguard their interests do that? We have glaring facts that children, women and the elderly are dying of hunger in remote villages … Continue reading Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?


Africa should be the world's zoo, what he said and I thought he was even worse than the animals in his white zoo, Freedom in mind with fully developed wings but like an ostrich still can't fly, the donor has the key and soon nations will play second fiddle to cooperations, Rich soil on top … Continue reading AFRICA


Can't even look at me twice, always looking down on me, The ladies and some of the boys, say can't be friends with me, They say I'm ugly, some say I'm broke and can't date a broke guy, They treat me like I'm retarded, treat me like I'm this broken guy.   My self-esteem, that's … Continue reading Selfish


How I view the guy on this photo by Denerio Watkins on Unsplash is very different from the way you view it. The answer to my question is both YES, and NO. Yes in the sense that what others think of you is the product of the impression you give. Your character, your attitude all … Continue reading DOES IT MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU?