Different Worlds Photo (14)

Some people can be very hard to forget. You think you're done with all that, open a new chapter and there they are, on the first page. They become this sweet nightmare in our lives. Just hope she's doing okay. Honestly. #Secretsofgooglephotos *Wanna see the other side of Nairobi? Click here.*

Different Worlds Photo (12)

Today, being only a few days to Christmas, thought why not share the face behind this little blog, Madekesiworld. I apologize for the clarity of the photo, but once again, maybe it just showed enough. You can see the curious eyes, and above all, the smile and the glittering nose.

Different Worlds Photo (11)

  You see nyama choma delicacy, accompanied with ugali, just know you are in Kenya. And this festive season, will be in plenty in every corner of the country you turn, from Nairobi to Mombasa and Kisumu and in towns and villages as well.   (Photo; courtesy)