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I've been telling you guys about this special delicacy in my community: chiswa, prepared from white ants, and here it is -- photo. This particular ones are captured at night on an anthill, unlike the other white ants which are captured during daytime, and from anywhere not necessarily on an anthill.

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Don't salivate by the attractiveness of this dish, looks can be deceiving sometimes, as I later found out. But if you grew up in a home where you had limited privileges on what to and not to call food, then you can eat anything, even maggots and even those slimy snails like some people --my … Continue reading Different worlds Photo (20)

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The situation in Turkana. Hunger. Thousands are facing starvation. And maybe if this guys let go of some of their backward traditions like cattle rustling and concentrated on better economic activities like crop farming (Israel does it, doesn't it?), or even rearing cattle the modern way instead of nomadism. Going to school and finding jobs … Continue reading Different Worlds Photo (18)