Africa should be the world's zoo, what he said and I thought he was even worse than the animals in his white zoo, Freedom in mind with fully developed wings but like an ostrich still can't fly, the donor has the key and soon nations will play second fiddle to cooperations, Rich soil on top … Continue reading AFRICA

Madekesiworld (Acrostic Poem)

Makeshift shanties with fronds rooftop, the panoramic view from the hotel, Away from the luxuries of the rich, that's Mombasa for you, Dreams shattered and blood shed for that Italian to acquire that land, the one his luxury hotel now stands on, Each day million more in his bank account, the poor man's children dropped … Continue reading Madekesiworld (Acrostic Poem)


Photo by mwangi gatheca on Unsplash   I'm a walking dead, a zombie from the underworld, Passing through life, but I've seen the other world, Poverty and depression, already read a couple of suicide notes, From young age witness to heartbreak, some of jealousy in grave rots.   Always on my knees, mama said always remember to talk … Continue reading Lifeless

North star

You're the one, my alpha and omega Girl you're my north star, my bearing You make me a better man, without you I'm lost A blind man on unfamiliar path, can't get home Never thought something like this could happen to me, never thought I could have what we have You're too perfect for me, … Continue reading North star


Can't even look at me twice, always looking down on me, The ladies and some of the boys, say can't be friends with me, They say I'm ugly, some say I'm broke and can't date a broke guy, They treat me like I'm retarded, treat me like I'm this broken guy.   My self-esteem, that's … Continue reading Selfish