A leaflet from the Sudanese Revolution

When the Sudanese people  went up in protests against their own government in a rare solidarity with the country's military that led to the ousting of their president, Omar al-Bashir, I thought Ugandans must be asking themselves, "why cant we do it too?" Why can't they have their long-serving president, Yoweri Museveni step down as … Continue reading A leaflet from the Sudanese Revolution

Corruption in Kenya: Ways youth can fight it

Kenya, like most countries around the globe, the majority of its population is the youth. The youth are people who are still fresh, rejuvenated with a lot of energy that when harnessed in the right way can spur and bring about lots of change in society. Unfortunately, most youths in my country have not done enough … Continue reading Corruption in Kenya: Ways youth can fight it

Civil Impeachment: Solution for Kenya

If you are a Kenyan -- "mwananchi" not "mwenyenchi" -- then there is a high chance you are feeling like I am, let down by the leadership of the country, and in fact the whole system. Nothing seems to be working anymore, at least not for the common Kenyan like you and I. The whole … Continue reading Civil Impeachment: Solution for Kenya

Ruto 2022 Presidency: Needs Cambridge Analytica

Do you know how much money the US president, Donald Trump paid -- no more "allegedly" because it's now a fact -- Cambridge Analytica? Over $6 billion. Try converting that to our struggling local currency and see what I'm really talking about. Why did he do that? You must be asking. Well, it's obvious, to … Continue reading Ruto 2022 Presidency: Needs Cambridge Analytica

The tired Kenyan young man

Is it just us Kenyans who are treated this bad by both our country and our elected leaders or is it the way of all Africans? Sometimes I sit down and look at my country, with everything that’s going on, and feel like running away. In fact for the past few years I’ve been playing … Continue reading The tired Kenyan young man