North star

You're the one, my alpha and omega Girl you're my north star, my bearing You make me a better man, without you I'm lost A blind man on unfamiliar path, can't get home Never thought something like this could happen to me, never thought I could have what we have You're too perfect for me, … Continue reading North star


Can't even look at me twice, always looking down on me, The ladies and some of the boys, say can't be friends with me, They say I'm ugly, some say I'm broke and can't date a broke guy, They treat me like I'm retarded, treat me like I'm this broken guy.   My self-esteem, that's … Continue reading Selfish

The Girl of Last Year

Wanted her to call back or maybe leave a message, her silence frightening, Scared of lightning when it rains, but this scares more than lightning, Her voice as she laugh in my head too loud, can’t sleep through the night, It’s when the memories come flooding, her face the only one in sight.   I’m … Continue reading The Girl of Last Year

The reason she left for another man (ex-girlfriend’s tale 3 years later)

You know I was out of options, I had nowhere or no one else to turn to Mama had just moved in with another man, and I was no longer welcome I was suffocating, tried telling you but you weren't listening Kept insisting that I should hold on a little longer, till you graduated and … Continue reading The reason she left for another man (ex-girlfriend’s tale 3 years later)

Does age matter in a relationship?

Don't treat me like a child, I'm seventeen Only a year shy of eighteen, I would soon be an adult And then we won't have to hide us from anyone, we would let the whole world know we're in love What I feel for you is real, I know you feel it as well If … Continue reading Does age matter in a relationship?