Coming to birth: True story

You remember my sister, right? The one I used to write to you guys about, and her pregnancy ordeal, and her gruesome miscarriage sometimes last year. Guess what? She conceived again, and she's almost coming to birth. She's in the last stage of her pregnancy, and very strong and exhilarated. This time around she ain't … Continue reading Coming to birth: True story

IAAF Semenya ruling discriminatory: How’s she to blame for higher testosterone levels?

Someone, or rather IAAF, should explain to me how Caster Semenya, the Olympic 800 meters champion, is to blame for having higher testosterone levels. Isn't that discrimination of the highest order! I think it's totally unfair, like Semenya herself rightly put it after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) this week dismissed her appeal … Continue reading IAAF Semenya ruling discriminatory: How’s she to blame for higher testosterone levels?

Wife Battering in Nairobi, Kenya

Yesterday I met a friend who I hadn't seen in a long time, on my way to "hustle", and he asked me if I was sick or had somehow started using marijuana. I was puzzled and at the same time felt some slight tinge of irritation. I thought it was rude of him, friend or … Continue reading Wife Battering in Nairobi, Kenya

Mother’s Sacrifice

She was always stubborn, or maybe it was bravery People say it was desperation, wanted a child so much to save her from barrenness shame She wanted to feel easy at her friends’ baby showers, wanted to be called so and so’s mother too Some say she was scared, was scared her husband would leave … Continue reading Mother’s Sacrifice

Write anything meaningful from these words

Are little worth remarking, When she stands upright, With her legs pressed together, *** If we say of a woman only that "she has nicely arched eyebrows," then clearly we had to look hard to see that, and the rest of her features are little worth remarking. But I've read somewhere how to recognize a … Continue reading Write anything meaningful from these words